Peer Action Collective

The Peer Action Collective (PAC Cymru) is a multi-award-winning, pioneering network of young people dedicated to creating positive change in their communities through innovative research and proactive action. Operating across Wales our mission is to empower local youth and underrepresented groups who have experienced the criminal justice system and/or been looked after, by giving them a voice and supporting them in developing their passions and talents.

Our work is geared towards addressing pressing societal issues such as youth violence and its underlying drivers, including mental health, sexuality, race, and gender. PAC members engage in rigorous research practices to spotlight young people’s experiences of violence and maltreatment, before leveraging their findings to devise actionable solutions that help shape policy, programs, and initiatives aimed at making our communities healthier and safer.

At PAC, we have seen significant success and positive impact in our work to date. Our members have exhibited a marked increase in motivation and confidence, and have undertaken numerous social action projects and initiatives, building critical alliances with young people across the region. PAC is committed to advancing the right to safety, equality, and justice for all young people.

The PAC Cymru team has co-produced a national strategic framework with the Wales Violence Prevention unit, working across the country with thousands of young people and professionals to create a framework that can create long systemic change and give young people a voice in decision-making.

“Being on this journey with PAC Cymru has opened my eyes to the incredible power of change, and change I can be a part of. I’ve come from a place of uncertainty and didnt feel like I had a purpose – I am now a young person with endless possibilities, opportunites and a strong sense of purpose and new hope for my future. PAC Cymru hasn’t just changed my life; it has given me confidence to make a positive impact on others. It has taught me that even as a young person, I can light the spark of hope and create meaningful change for those around me. Each step I take reminds me of the immense potential we all have to shape a better future. I am forever grateful to PAC Cymru for igniting that power within me.”

Cerys, Peer researcher

PAC Cymru Changemakers play a crucial role in driving social action and facilitating positive change throughout Wales. Their work is vital in creating and implementing social action projects that address the needs and improve the lives of individuals and communities. PAC Cymru Changemakers collaborate with peer researchers who have an intimate understanding of the challenges and issues faced by their community. This collaboration allows them to ensure that the projects and initiatives developed are relevant, impactful, and sustainable. PAC Cymru Changemakers are critical in driving social action and promoting positive change in Wales. Through their dedicated work, collaborative efforts, and strong relationships with stakeholders, they effectively implement projects and initiatives that address community needs and empower individuals to make a difference. Their commitment and impact can propel social action throughout Wales, creating a better future for all.

The Hateful Mate – Changemaker Short Film

TW: Themes of violence, bullying and threat

Changemaker Short Film

TW: Themes of Drug use, violence, and threat

“As a young person in Wales, I’ve come to realize the incredible potential we possess to shape the future of our beloved country. PAC Cymru has been instrumental in empowering us to recognize this potential and encouraging us to use our voices for positive change.

They understand that young people have the power to challenge the status quo, question unfair systems, and advocate for a better society. It’s inspiring to see a team of people that firmly believes in amplifying our voices and ensuring that our perspectives are not just heard but valued.

PAC Cymru is dedicated to creating a society where every young person, regardless of their background, feels included, respected, and appreciated. They work tirelessly to dismantle the barriers that hold us back, opening up opportunities, resources, and support so that we can truly thrive.

Being a part of PAC Cymru has made me realise that my voice is powerful and that it has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of others. They encourage us to embrace our uniqueness and to stand up for what we believe in.”

Salman, 17


Everyone deserves to feel heard, seen, and respected. Unfortunately, LGBTQIA+ young people often feel invisible and unheard of by professionals when it comes to experiencing violence. But that doesn’t mean they are powerless – far from it. 

We have created some incredible testimonial videos within our network, featuring LGBTQIA+ youth courageously sharing their own experiences and views on the issue of violence. These passionate young people are determined to make a change and challenge the status quo, and their voices deserve to be heard loud and clear. It’s time to shine a light on their stories and help create a safer, more inclusive world for everyone. 

Let’s stand together and amplify these powerful messages of hope and resilience. 

We have stripped the visuals from the video to emphasise that young people feel they have the power to make a change but don’t feel they are seen. These are their voices.

The Framework

Through many conversations, interviews, and workshops with children and young people alongside the consultation for the Framework itself, we heard we heard how ultimately, children and young people want to feel safe to be themselves.

This demonstrates the need to create an environment where every identity is respected, allowing all children and young people from all backgrounds and communities to feel safe and be able to thrive.

The Wales Without Violence Framework reflects a public health approach to violence prevention.

This way of working uses evidence to take a system-wide approach to promoting health and well-being and reducing health inequalities across a population.

The tools and skills used to understand public health problems can complement approaches used by policing and criminal justice partners to prevent violence.

“PAC Cymru is committed to leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation, one that empowers and encourages young people to embrace their authentic selves and use their voices to create positive change. We firmly believe that young people hold the power to drive meaningful transformations in society. Our mission is to break down the barriers that hinder voices from being heard, respected, and valued in Wales.

We recognize that every young person in Wales has a unique perspective and experience to offer, and it is through embracing this diversity that we can create a stronger and more inclusive society. We are dedicated to providing platforms and opportunities for young people to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns, ensuring that they are given the space and support they need to be heard.”

“If you are a young person in Wales, I urge you to join us in this journey towards positive change. PAC Cymru provides the platform and support we need to make a difference. Together, let’s create a Wales where every young person’s voice matters.”

Cameron, Deputy Lead

For more information and opportunities contact our coordinator Steph!


Telephone: 02920 667 668

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