Cerridwen provides early intervention that seeks to empower young people to make healthy and positive life choices, to build emotional resilience, improving wellbeing, reducing the likelihood of future offences and lessening the potential impact of ACEs. 

A 7-week intervention, Cerridwen guides young people through a structured, youth work centred programme, designed specifically to address the key areas that may be contributing to violent behaviour. Weekly subject areas build resilience and empower individuals to develop a positive identity. 

Topics include communication, thinking styles, perception, empathy, substance misuse, guided reflection and individual responsibility. Although a structured model of support, the project is flexible and can be tailored to the bespoke needs of those engaged, consisting primarily of group work with 1-1 support provided to reflect individual’s needs, behaviours and offences. 

In supporting the young people to understand their feelings and emotions, how they react to stressful situations and what they can do to express themselves without resorting to violence, the project supports the reduction of re-offending in our local communities and potential impact of ACEs, ultimately improving the health and wellbeing of our young people, providing them with an opportunity to make real and sustained life improvements.

“Already recommended to youth and community degree course at Cardiff Met. Excellent insight for youth work practitioners.”

Cardiff YOS worker

“Yes, it’s an in-depth programme of work which has received positive outcomes”

Caerphilly YOS worker

“I feel confident to be able to follow the programme and tailor this individually to specific needs of CYP. The handbook is very helpful” 

Caerphilly YOS worker

“It encourages children to think about their future, values and impact” 

Merthyr YOS worker

“Really useful resources. The videos are particularly powerful and will be a great additional resource.”

RCT YOS worker

“Brilliant training and so many new ideas.”

Vale of Glamorgan YOS 

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