All of MAC’s work is underpinned by National Participation Standards which prescribe the minimum standards that CYP (Children & Young People) can expect from our services and gives a strategic underpinning for policies and strategic direction for the organisation.

CYP National Participation Standards

MAC runs particular participation services such as Newport Youth Council and Creating Waves children’s criminal justice participation forum that supports children to have their voices heard and allows policy makers and political leaders to shape policies that affect young people with the views and experiences of young people.

MAC strives always to have Young People employed in the company and paid a real living wage regardless of their age, to ensure we operate daily informed by a Young Person’s lens.

MAC has facilitated Newport Youth Council since 2018. Newport Youth Council is an independent body of Young People who reside or go to school in the city of Newport.

Members of the Youth Council are aged 11-25 and want to make life better for all young people in Newport. They are run via democratic principles and are led by a Chair and Vice-Chair.

Together at the Annual General Meeting, the group selects three priorities for the year. In August 2020, the Youth Council elected Plastic Waste & Littering, Life Skills in Education and Sexual Health & Wellbeing.

If you are interested in joining Newport Youth Council or would like more information on our work please contact:
Newport Youth Council Website