Mentoring is a service offered to young people aged 10-17 who require additional support. Mentoring is a child-centred voluntary service, which includes 8 session over a 12 week period. These sessions will be carried out in a safe and comfortable environment and offers the young person the chance to talk about areas in their lives that they are struggling with and express their feelings. We aim to meet on a weekly basis and sessions can last up to an hour.

Mentoring follows a person-centred approach and puts the young person in charge of deciding what they’d like to discuss and areas of their lives they feel they need support with. Mentoring helps the young person identify and challenge negative behaviours as well as improve confidence, help maintain positive relationships and work towards their goals.

Mentora is the Welsh translation for Mentoring. This mentoring service is called Mentora, as it is offered in both Welsh and English.